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deriving ironic fashion from Suri Cruise.

Something I’ve been contemplating recently: how much of fashion is derived from “pop culture”. Perhaps it’s because the most discussed September issue of Vogue this year features Lady Gaga, who, reminds everyone of Madonna, who in May 1989, was THE first celebrity to controversially cover  Vogue. Under the influence of Anna Wintour, celebrities have suddenly become relevant in the world of fashion. In fact, they have become THE most relevant forces in fashion. Before the early 90s, this was not even remotely the case. 

The Cut is one of my daily fashion reads. They’ve recently revamped their site, and added several great features, one of my favorites being celebrity lookbooks. As I was perusing through one certain lookbook, I caught myself questioning my own judgment.

The lookbook I was 50 images deep into, was none other than…the mother of Suri Cruise.

I thought to myself, “I could wear that.” I could wear a green military jacket; I could wear a plain cotton dress; I could carry an alien like Suri. Is that from Gap, Katie?? Then I realized, this wasn’t about fashion, PER SE. It’s about the image Katie exudes

Stay with me.

Katie is wearing a Madewell dress and flats, looking nothing BUT accessible. The poster child of moms everywhere. 

There’s NOTHING special about her, but then again, what isn’t special? Is her simplicity underrated? Is she ironic in the very sense of ironic, simplistic……chicness?

LOL I had to bring comic relief with the last photo. But really, Katie Holmes was basically Kate Middleton before Kate Middleton became Kate Middleton. I’m more or less 7 years (circa 2005 tabloids) late on saying this, but stating this after fact adds to the irony, which is the point. If celebrities are our modern day fashion icons, then Katie Holmes is basically my generation’s Audrey Hepburn (pre-Kate Middleton). She’s the opposite of Lady Gaga (my generation’s Madonna) and she’s not even trying.

And no one even knows what will become of Suri.

You guys, stay with me, I’m actually joking about the Suri thing KIND OF (I would 150% wear the above outfit). 

If you’ve doubted anything I’ve said, which you probably should, be my guest and check out Katie’s debut fashion collection at Barneys, each piece averaging a $1,200 retail price. I’m not making this shit up.

Unassuming celebrities have more control than we think, and we’re allowing them to dictate our lives. We’re allowing Suri to dictate our fashion credentials. 

That’s the last Suri photo I will post on this blog, but, if you’ve actually read this, you’ll think twice the next time you’re reading a tabloid at the supermarket. 

I’m not bringing Katie down, so to end on a positive note:

The above photo is directly related to my last post, in which I suggested I cut my hair just like the above. Probably while Suri was growing inside of Katie, and most of the world was asking WTF is going on with Posh’s boobs.

The influence of Suri.

Anna Wintour’s first Vogue Cover, the first time denim was ever featured, November 1988.

September 2012.

Think about it.