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further thoughts on fall.

I’ve been spending the last few days clicking through Fall shows to prepare myself for life and also for the September issues that will soon be knocking on my door. Funny story - last year, my Vogue subscription had ended right before the September issue, and I spent an entire night frantically driving through San Francisco searching for a copy. Actually…that’s feels more pathetic than funny when typed out.

Anyway. I hadn’t spent much time looking through the shows since February (sue me, I’ve been working in Cookware). With the season right around the corner, everything seems a lot more relevant, richer and inspiring. To keep things simple, I have three observations. The rest I’ve haphazardly pinned here.

1) F U R.

Fur accents. Fur cuffs. Fur collars. Fur sleeves. Subtle hints of texture and drama that feels a lot richer than say…Rachel Zoe in a fur vest (terrifying). Incredibly chic and easy way to elevate an outfit. Ahem, see below:

Elizabeth and James - This whole look really screams STOP. EVERYTHING. the gloves, the baroque, the loafers…beyond.

Band of Outsiders - Also NEED those pants…

Elizabeth and James - The fur collar is a great way for someone afraid of cuddly things to integrate this look without shitting their pants. Overall, pretty conservative, but the fur accent gives some depth.

Paul and Joe - This look instantly reminded me of a certain Erika Bearman. A relatively minimalistic look with a boldly colored wide-leg trouser and the fur vest is very downtown glam.

2) B I G  A S S  C O A T S

I mentioned this last time…but I’m incredibly into the look of an oversized coat with a skinny pant. It’s easy and looks effortlessly polished.

Isabel Marant - Be still my heart.

Chloe - duh.

Carven - THIS. IS. EVERYTHING. I want those pants more than I can even comprehend…and those shoes are killer.

Elizabeth and James - Love the military style with the quilted blocks. Reminds me of a Belstaff hybrid.

3) S I L L H O U E T T E S

I realized I promised 3 points, but this is more or less and extension of point #2 in terms of silhouettes and structure. Even though this is much more general, I’m drawn to the silhouette of a cropped pant, cropped jacket and a bootie. It felts modern but still quite chic and versatile for the office and everyday. 

Rebecca Minkoff - I’m not sure what those pants are made of, but I THINK it’s in the sequin family and the second Topshop sells a knockoff, I’m buying. Also, the color palette here is really great.

Paul and Joe - Simple and clean.

Billy Reid - Love that the leather toughens this up.

Rebecca Minkoff - Best for last. I can picture myself wearing this exact outfit, so it’s less aspirational and more realistic. I’m still really into her hint of bright color amidst a richer palette. It’s fun. 

That’s all for now. What are you exciting about wearing for fall??? Do tell.