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happy lisa frank thursday!

Unicorns were my favorite animal until I was 17 and this was mostly due to the artistic genius of Lisa Frank.While we may look back and realize it’s highly unprobable that at any given time 2 penguins are floating on a piece of rainbow ice while hugging each other, I don’t regret for one second carrying that folder with me all through third grade. NOT ONE BIT.

In fact, I would like to think it helped shape the woman I am today. I thought this as I stared down at my rainbow Keds this morning on my muti-colored rug. I thought, “Lisa Frank would be proud.” So today is for her and this post is for all the neon puppies playing in rainbows, wherever they are….

Rainbow Cake from Martha Stewart. (I’ve tried this - it’s awesome!)

Neon Cambridge Satchels. (Bloomingdales)

Something for the gentlemen to participate in, naturally. (MrPorter)

Neon socks from Topshop.

Pantone colored fruit tarts found in Anthology Magazine.

Dannijo Neon bib necklace.

Last but not least, the pants I have not yet pulled the trigger on, but just might by end of day:

Have a snazzy day you guys.


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