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Hi, Boys!

Earlier this week, a certain well dressed gentleman I know requested a post for the male audience.

I’ve previously expressed my obsession with menswear. I would never trade in my skirts, but guys really do have it lucky. There’s such a simplistic element of men’s style and there’s really nothing better than a guy who isn’t afraid to dress himself well. 

So, I’ve assembled a basic field guide for essentials all men should have in their wardrobe. We’re starting with the basics. Some of you may be far more advanced, so, this may bore you. But I know I speak for many females when I say we’re smitten when a man has good style. 


1. Notre Dame Jacket. Varsity jackets are currently right on trend, and if worn well, I think they’re a great statement (NOT worn while playing beer pong or going to an alumni football game….)

2. Pocket Sweater. Small details like interesting pockets instantly escalate menswear from everyday to eye-catching. 

3.Rag and Bone beanie. Every guy needs a good beanie.

4. Warby Parker glasses. 

5. Socks. I’m not sure why, I think it’s neat when guys wear colored socks. It’s unexpected. I swear I don’t have a feet fetish. 

6. Jack Spade man bag. It’s not a purse. And this Jack Spade bag is an excellent combination of style, functionality, and masculinity. 

7. Clark’s Desert Boots. Every guy should own a pair of desert boots.

8. Taylor Stitch shirt. Additionally, every guy should own one REALLY good gingham shirt.

9. iPhone case. Now - if you’re a guy reading this PLEASE explain to me WHY no guy ever uses an iPhone case. I KNOW you drop your phones. I’ve had so many male friends shatter iPhones. I know you all enjoy spending money on Apple products - but really, why not invest in a case? Anyone?

10. John Varvatos Work Boots. Badass.

11. Bomber Jacket. Men’s outerwear is so much cooler than women’s. Take advantage of that, boys. 

12. Parka. In my favorite color.

Additionally, I would like to take this time to emphasize to you all the importance of owning a good bow tie. They’re absolutely timeless and are the single accessory that instantly elevates boys to gentlemen. They also make me weak in the knees. So. Perhaps I’m biased. But this is the SICKEST bow tie I’ve seen yet. 


 Also, this isn’t just about “looking hot”. I’m not posting a picture of Ryan Gosling for a reason. It’s important that guys have their own personal style - even if it’s as simple as a t shirt and jeans. Wear what makes you feel good and confident, and I promise the ladies will take notice. I’m a lady, so…I know. I’ve noticed.

In conclusion, I would like to offer a few sartorially prominent men with timeless style, just in case you’re looking for a little inspiration.

Marlon Brando.


Don Draper.


Gregory Peck.


Jay Z.


Jack Kerouac. 


John F. Kennedy Jr. 


Kanye West.


Ralph Lauren.


"Five Things".

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