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Hey hey hey. 

I’ve been working on a typical fall post in my blog aresenal, chalk full of photos of Jane Birkin in a pea coat, scenes from Love Story, and cable knit sweaters. Of course these sentiments are all timeless, integral reasons why I love Autumn, but this weekend I noticed something…noteworthy, if you will.

While sticking fall tearsheets on my bedroom wall from September issues, I noticed a trend. My philosophy behind tearing is simple - if I instantly like it, I tear it, and keep it for inspiration. I noticed nearly all my fall tears were extremely dark and moody, quite atypical from my usually optimistic approach to the season.

Of course this is due to the overwhelmingly anonymous approach high end labels took to the Baroque trend from the runways to their Fall campaigns. I read one article describing it as Heritage Luxe - “a luxurious focus on high society heritage, set in elaborate stately homes featuring opulent fringed eating, flocked wallpapers and gilded framed artwork.”


Perhaps it’s the romantic appeal to another stylistic era, or the association with deeply rooted aristocracy, but the mood is quite inspiring, especially when living in a city like San Francisco, whose ominous, brooding weather feels agreeable to this aesthetic.

Also, I’ve never been one to argue with some fancy drama.

Kate Moss in Ferragamo.



Dolce and Gabanna Fall 2012 runway.

Gucci, duh.



Valentino Fall 2012 Runway.

How do we make this wearable? Three things on my horizon:

Tank from Moda Operandi:

Dress from Zara:

Velvet loafers from J Crew:

That’s all for now. If you need me, I’ll be watching some kind of Keira Knightley period film. 

Keira's Covers.

deriving ironic fashion from Suri Cruise.