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Today, this happened:


Some lucky girl named “Amy” received her Americano in a red Christmas cup. This momentous occasion has affirmed that it’s acceptable to listen to the She & Him Christmas CD on repeat without feeling guilty. 

Pizzazz: an attractive combination of vitality and glamour. aka:


I am completely enthralled with holiday marketing. I rip out holiday ads left and right, and am utterly fascinated to see how different brands interpret their holiday assortment each year. This Kate Spade ad above has remained my favorite. In fact, it hangs on my inspiration board in my room year round - THAT’S how much I adore everything this photo has captured about this season. I’m also in love with that man, so if anyone has his contact info…

It’s time to start thinking about HOLIDAY PARTY DRESSES. Now, there are few things there is absolutely nothing I love more than a good Christmas soiree. In my opinion, the success of a Christmas party is directly correlated to the drama of the dress. Earlier this week, @OscarPRGirl (the social media and public relations director of Oscar de la Renta) tweeted the following:



Therefore, I present to you the following contenders for the best holiday party dresses of the season (so far), starting with my personal favorite:


Carven Plaid High Waisted dress, Barney’s. This dress is part upside down Scottish kilt, part plaid hipster, and a lot of parts holiday pizzazz. And it’s just oddly interesting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. 


1. Christopher Kane. I am at my most vulnerable during this season because I love embellishment and sequins more than most people, maybe even more than Liza Minelli. 

2. Vince. I promise this is actually a dress, not a shirt. With black tights - I want to wear it every day. 

3. Oscar de la Renta. If sequins aren’t enough, add feathers. 


4. Topshop. This would look AWESOME with a black turtleneck layered underneath, bare legs, and black booties.

5. Topshop. This dress is low cut in the back and front. Definitely an attention getter. 

6. J Crew. I was really impressed with this in store, not so much online. Check it out in person, the fabric is amazing. 


7. Proenza Schouler. I am dying to go to Barney’s to see this in person. It’s 1930s silhouette is beyond beautiful and I am dying to see the cut. 

8. Topshop. Cutouts on the sides to get his attention but not look like a total cheap ass ho. 

9. Helmut Lang. DRAMATIC. (and this is a decent price point…)

Hi, Boys!

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