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As it goes, you may be wondering, “what does Paul Newman have to do with ANYTHING?” The answer is….nothing.

The answer is also, “I’ve been spending copious amounts of time on menswear blogs.”

Fall is around the corner, which means that an imminent refresh is coming. IT’S COMING. Fall means a lot of things for me, mostly that I can refresh my wardrobe and start dressing relevantly to the rest of the world outside of San Francisco. I’ll use this moment to complain one last time - during Summer, San Francisco secedes from the rest of the world and decides to exist in a misty, moist (I said it) and gloomy underworld where we’re all stuck extending winter’s sweaters and boots.

Fall, however, allows us to press refresh and once again realign to everyone else posting weather pictures on instagram.

To reiterate further, fall is a big, big refresh for me. In three weeks I’ll be starting a VERY exciting new job. Dreams are coming true you guys. And really, what marks a new career adventure [IN FASHION] better than some refreshed looks. REFRESH is the key word here.

All that to say, we’re on the verge of Fall and it’s time to start perusing possible purchases, even though the Barney’s ONLINE (!!!!) Warehouse Sale hasn’t even started yet.


Remember when this Rag and Bone Pre-Fall skirt almost killed me? It’s now available and tantalizing me at Barneys.

Moving on to newer things, let’s talk about leather pants. This is a territory I really want to explore. If done wrong, the results can be catastrophic. But if done right with lots of layers and bulk on top, a sleek leg with a boot is CHIC for Fall. Two options here: $64 at Topshop or $1,700 for The Row. Obviously I already bought The Row pair. I bought 2.

No but really, I’m ordering the Topshop ones as soon as this is posted.

There are 2 things to take away from these Madewell Fall looks:

1. There is a 97% chance I’m going to start wearing a lot of menswear. No, this isn’t weird, this is good. I want to wear bowties on days I don’t feel like wearing necklaces. And since neckwear IS MY JOB NOW…I want to practice what I preach.

See: Tycoon Neckwear for Women.

2. Big Ass Coats. This is almost a continuation of the leather pant situation. I’m really into the concept of a well structured, oversized coat.

See: Proenza Schouler and Rag and Bone.

Lastly, but obviously not last, 3 outstanding looks from Banana Republic’s Fall presentation. Really, these are fab. And I’m not just saying that SINCE I’LL BE WORKING AT THEIR HEADQUARTERS SOON. Boom.

Anyways, that’s all I have for now. xoxo

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