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Style Idol: Alexa Chung

For so many reasons. First of all, she’s British, which makes her effortlessly cool. Only British people can curse and make it sound classy. Plus, anything said with an accent sounds exponentially more intellectual. (I really should have been a Brit, for those 2 reasons alone…)

She basically gets paid to style herself and look ridiculously fabulous to sit in front rows at fashion weeks. Falling somewhere between socialite, designer, and ex-MTV Veejay…She has a pretty sweet deal. And she kind of pulls off the Olsen twin “I’m too good for the media” deal, which makes her an anti-celebrity type. 

She collaborated with Madewell (JCrew’s sister brand) for a fall line which I CANT wait for. 

And she was quoted saying “I’ll always be a tomboy. I always have said, Dress like a boy and you’ll get way further with the boys…

And THAT is why Alexa Chung is awesome. 


The Met's Costume Institute Gala