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Today’s Sartorialist post features my beloved Marc by Marc Natasha Crossbody bag in my very same army green color! Also this lovely video was posted, done by the New York Times. Scott talks about his inspiration for capturing interesting people. The reason I love The Sartorialist so very much is that it’s not necessarily fashion- it’s not who’s wearing what and so forth. It’s strictly style. It’s how people put things together. It’s not all waify 6 foot tall 15 year old girls, it’s real people. There is such a romantic element to the raw style he captures, that I think a lot of people miss. There is such a difference between style and fashion. I love when he does a photo of a house painter or a unexpected crazy old lady. I think the reason I love my Natasha bag so much is because of how beat up it is. The leather is stained from an absolute rain shower that victimized me in Pisa this summer. One of the straps has been repaired, and the inside smells like cinnamon gum and holds random coins, maps, tickets, and at least 22 bobby pins. I love that bag because that bag has so, so many stories. To me, it’s a style icon because of the memories it represents. Fashion is wonderful and great and beautiful, but to me style is more sentimental. It’s all about how you wear something and why you wear it. 


Me embarrassingly cheesing it up with my Natasha bag at Blenheim Palace, somewhere between Oxford and London this summer. 

President's Wives and Peter Pan Collars.